Wood Doors

Wood Doors


Wesche Company partners with many of the best suppliers available so that we can can provide our customers the best products available.

Custom Projects

With our network of suppliers, we are able to order doors to fit any size, fit, and finish.  Whether you want a traditional wood finish or something custom, we can make it happen.

Stock and Shop

In addition to ordering doors, we also carry an extensive stock of wood doors in our shop.  So if you need a quicker turnaround, we are likely able to help.  Our shop is also fully outfitted to customize doors in-house so we can make sure that your doors, frames, and hardware fit together perfectly.

Up To Code

There are a number of codes and requirements in buildings today.  We make sure that our employees are up to date on all requirements and will get you the doors to match.  We can work with you to make sure things are ADA approved, fire-rated, FEMA approved, or up to any other standard you may need.